My-ilocator Tracking Device
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Smartphone Tracking And Security - My i-Locator (SM500/MYSM500)

My i Locator is the very latest smartphone Tracking and security Tracking system for Apple Iphone or Android and windows Systems.

Locate and track where the person/vehicle is by Google Map on your iphone, Android and windows smartphones, from anywhere in the world. Some of the features are as follows:

Receive SOS/moving/low battery/geo-fence/over speed alerts, car find, take picture/check picture, parking timer countdown and warning, black box (driver recording). No tracking server service fee and no wire installation.

My i-Locator (SM500)

My i-Locator (SM500) Phone APP

My-Ilocator - Tracking and Security - to work with smartphones
My-ilocator - Personnel/vehicle
Tracker MYSM500
£199.95 inc VAT

MY-ilocator - Tracking using your smartphone

Ilocator - New SmatPhone Tracking System

Smartphone Tracking And Security - My i-Locator (SM500)

iLocator is our newly developed motorcycle and car alarm system in conjunction with the current popular Smartphone's. With the iLocator system installed in your motorcycle or car you can control and check its status through your Smartphone anywhere in the world with a GSM reception. No extra service or servers require for our iLocator system to work with your current mobile provider system, only SMS* text messaging is required.

Smartphone Tracking (SM500) is your best supervisor; just one click, iLocator will locate your vehicle using Google Maps**, Location Report, Movement Alert, Emergency SMS Alert, Low Battery Alert all in the palms of your hands through your Smartphone iLocator App. Available in the following OS applications: iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android and Symbian.

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